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Student services and support programs

Guidance officer


The school has the services of a Guidance officer four days per fortnight.


The Guidance officer’s role includes:

  • Case management of verification for students with disabilities.
  • Psycho-educational assessments and reports.
  • Parent support including parenting programs.
  • Counselling of students for school related issues. 
  • Organisation and delivery of some of the school’s key proactive programs e.g. Bravehearts Ditto show, personal safety, Fun Friends (anxiety prevention).
  • Consultancy on educational, mental health and behaviour matters.

Access to the Guidance officer’s services is by referral from the principal, deputy principal and/or class teacher. If you are very concerned about your child’s academic progress, social emotional status and/or mental health please approach the class teacher or deputy principal to discuss a referral to the Guidance officer.




A funded Chaplaincy service is provided at Rochedale South State School two days per week. On-going community consultation and endorsement supports the continuance of the Chaplaincy Service at our school. Chaplaincy Services provide social, emotional and spiritual support to school communities. Scripture Union (SU) Qld Chaplains provide positive adult role models for students and enhance engagement with the broader community, including parents. Chaplains are present in schools at the invitation of the Principal, in consultation with the local community, and with the support of the P&C Association.




Chaplain Cassie Love


What does a school chaplain do?


A School Chaplain is a safe person for young people to connect with at school who provides a listening ear, caring presence, and a message of hope. Chaplains run positive, fun activities for students and assist in fostering supportive, caring school communities. Working with other members of the school’s support team, the Chaplain cares for students struggling with issues such as difficult relationships with other children or family members, poor self-esteem, family breakdown, and depression.


The partnership between the school and the Chaplaincy service, supported by local churches, businesses and community organisations, provides a network of local support and assistance. These positive relationships help young people to face difficult issues, and provide hope, connection, meaning, and purpose.


The Chaplaincy service is available to everyone in the school community regardless of their religious beliefs.


Will my child be involved?


Involvement with the Chaplain is entirely voluntary and students choose whether or not they want to be a part of the activities that are offered. Parents will be consulted if their child wishes to be involved in ongoing one-to-one meetings with the Chaplain or in any program or group involving spiritual or ethical content. Parents have the right to refuse permission for their child to be involved in any Chaplaincy activity or event.


Special education program


Rochedale South State School’s Special Education Program provides support staff to assist students with disabilities to be integrated into mainstream classes. Some withdrawal opportunities are available in the aptly named Green Room for small parts of the day for designated groups of children. Children are encouraged to see this space as a safe haven where students with disabilities are supported to meet their learning needs. _MG_0454 (Copy).JPG


Support teacher literacy and numeracy (STLaN)


The teacher position of STLaN assumes responsibility for maintaining teaching expertise and knowledge of teaching practices to improve student learning as well as assessing and monitoring progress of underachieving students with a focus on literacy. This is achieved by providing expertise, support and professional development at whole school, cohort and individual teacher levels to support improved student achievement as well as through direct contact with students. This role necessitates working collaboratively with other specialists (e.g. guidance officers, speech language pathologists) to coordinate services which improve students’ learning.


Programs co-ordinated by the STLaN include:

  •  Support-A-Talker
  •  Rainbow Reading
  •  Fingergym - Fine Motor
  •  Early Literacy Fundamentals (ELF)
  •  Prep Metalinguistic Program

Public dental clinic


Free, high quality dental care is available for school aged children through Metro South Oral Health clinics in Logan Central and Kingston. On-site parking and public transport is available for both clinics.

Free care is available for

  • all children aged 4 to grade 10 who are eligible for Medicare
  • children aged 2-17 years who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule; and
  • children whose parents have a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare or Pension card.


Call 1300 300 850 to book an appointment. Further information is available on the Metro South Oral Health care factsheet.