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Mission and values

Our mission

​To provide a quality education where every day, every child is learning and achieving. As a community of self-directed, self-managing learners, we are respectful, responsible partners focussed on making a difference for self and others in an environment that is safe, supportive, and sustainable. ​

Our learning values

  • Literacy and Numeracy are fundamental to other academic learning and to social success.
  • Teachers are facilitators where problem-solving and open-ended tasks provide multiple entry points for students with different levels of learning capability.
  • Individuals are supported to reach their personal potential through programs which value diversity and the ‘whole child’.
  • Special needs such as giftedness, disability and learning difficulties are acknowledged and supported.
  • Tolerance and respect for others are actively and explicitly taught.
  • Performing arts and visual arts provide a vehicle for building student confidence, capability and commitment.
  • Information and communication technologies are highly valued and actively taught to enable all children to access the digital world safely and competently.​

Our culture of learning

  • Self-managing, self-motivated learners.
  • Contributing to a sustainable, harmonious global community.
  • Partnerships between students, school and family.
  • Monitoring and tracking student learning in English, Maths and Science.
  • Differentiation to support personalised learning.
  • High calibre utilisation of digital learning opportunities at school and home.
  • Implementation of the Australian Curriculum.
  • Breadth and depth in performing arts opportunities. ​

Our digital vision

  • ​Anywhere, anytime learning.
  • Our challenging, inclusive approach – founded on high expectations.
  • Children and staff accessing eLearning opportunities at school and home.
  • Parents and community accessing information through digital communication.